Flowtoys: Toroflux

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A slinky for 21st century object manipulators.

The Flowtoys Toroflux is like a slinky but much cooler! The metal coil expands from flat, turning into a kinetic sculpture. This coil will then fit and flow over your arms (bare arms work best) or other objects and be passed between people just for fun or as part of a dance.

The Toroflux comes supplied with a carry bag so you can take it with you wherever you go.

PLEASE NOTE: The toroflux is made of a single strand of thin metal. If it's bent or if one or more of the coils is pulled hard or roughly, it can deform and will not handle as designed. Please note that we cannot replace torofluxes that have been misused or deformed for free! However the Flowtoys warranty applies and you can send back a kinked toroflux for a half-price replacement.

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