Wholesale Juggling and Circus Equipment

Firetoys is a leading wholesaler and distributor of premium quality juggling, circus, fire spinning and aerial acrobatics equipment. We sell juggling and circus kit wholesale to retailers all over the world with a focus on the best customer service, communication, and a great range of high quality equipment.

Firetoys Wholesale is available to retailers only. In order to qualify as a retailer you need to run a shop, an e-commerce website or a market stall. During the application process you will need to provide a valid copy of a business license, re-sellers certificate or similar. Our standard juggling and circus range has no minimum order size. We do require that your orders are reasonably regular to maintain your wholesale status.

60 day returns


Mr Babache - Everybody's juggling

For over 30 years the famous Swiss manufacturer, Mr Babache, have been creating products used by beginners and professionals. The range is manufactured using innovative techniques and high-quality materials. The company offer a wide selection of products for beginners with the range "Discovery" and for professionals with the range "Performance".

Juggle Dream - A Dream come true for jugglers...

Juggling should be available to everyone, no matter what their budget is. The Juggle Dream range provides affordable, quality juggling equipment. With Juggle Dream you’ll find an entire range of juggling props and skill toys - with attractive margins to get them on your shelf, and competitive prices to get them into the hands of jugglers and young jugglers to be! Firetoys is the official US distributor for the worlds best selling juggling range.

Henrys – Professional Juggling Equipment

For 30 years German manufacturer, Henrys, have been specialized in the production of the best juggling articles for artists with the highest demands. Beginners and professionals trust in Henrys.

PyroPixies and more...

We stock the ever popular range of Ribbon and Spiral (scarf) poi from PyroPixies. On top of this you will find brands like Diamond FX, PaintGlow, Light Up and Juggle (also known as Juggle-Light), Macaco Slacklines, and Barefoot Slacklines.

Firetoys Equipment

Firetoys Fire Spinning, Flow Arts and Juggling Equipment

The Firetoys brand is famous throughout the globe and is synonymous with durability, innovation and attention to detail. We do not sell budget equipment and we produce all our core items in the UK. Our props are built to last and come with up to 3 year guarantees from the final point of sale!

The vast majority of our own brand equipment is handmade in our Brighton workshop from high quality materials. We also thoroughly test our kit both internally and at external independent laboratories to ensure the safety and durability of our props.

Available at wholesale prices we have a large range of fire poi to suit any budget, extremely durable fire staffs, including the Fibre 3 contact fire staff with fibreglass core. Our full hula hoop range is also for sale in our wholesale catalogue and includes weighted fitness hoops as well as polypro and fire hula hoops. Other popular products include juggling scarves (CE marked), Mole-skin balls, Isolation hoops, and our simple but reliable range of affordable LED equipment.

firetoys aerial

Firetoys also sells the widest wholesale range of aerial circus and acrobatic equipment. Most of our aerial apparatus is manufactured in house but it is sent to an external facility to undergo rigorous strength testing. All our wholesale aerial equipment is certified and has a confirmed breaking load limit and working load limit. Among other aerial kit we manufacture and sell wholesale are aerial silks (aka tissu, fabrics) and the widest range of aerial rings (aka hoops, lyra) available - including our incredibly safe and versatile 0 point hoop. Aerial free ropes - covered and 3-ply (aka corde lisse), trapezes, aerial straps, and a full range of accessories including tape, hand loops, and swivels. We are an official distributor for ISC Wales - ISC Ltd is a world renowned company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of innovative engineered components and other 'Solutions in Metal'. We are the largest distributor of aerial yoga hammocks and we have the highest safety standards because of our experience with the aerial circus arts. We also have unique offerings you won't find anywhere else from Prodigy Aerial.

Wholesale Prices

Firetoys Wholesale is available to retailers only. In order to qualify as a retailer you need to run a shop, an e-commerce website or a market stall. During the application process you will need to provide a valid copy of a business license, re-sellers certificate or similar. Minimum order size apply for aerial and reasonably regular orders are required to maintain your wholesale status.

To apply, please email wholesale [at] firetoys [dot] com with your name, trading address, phone numbers, email addresses, website address, company registration and tax numbers. If possible, please also attach some pictures of your shop or market stall.

Distributorships and Schools and Workshops

National Distribution of Juggling and Circus Equipment

We may be able to offer distribution deals to larger specialized warehousing companies who can redistribute our equipment to retail outlets within their country or region. These deals are very limited in number and are only available to established distributors who are able to place significant orders and hold large amounts of stock on their premises.

For more information on distribution please contact us

Circus Workshop and Circus School Deals

If you run circus workshops or if you represent a college juggling society, a local council or school, we can give you some amazing deals. In order to help you select the most appropriate equipment, one of our team can go through your requirements and help you assemble a tailored package. Discounts for schools and councils are variable and depend on the items you are ordering, the size of the order and the regularity of your orders.

In order to qualify for these unique offers you will need to supply us with proof of your status or an email from your company email address.

If you have any questions regarding Firetoys Wholesale, please contact us

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