Aerial Hoops

Aerial Hoops
All our aerial hoops are made to the highest quality standards to give you supreme confidence in the air. Made from thick steel, with enclosed TIG-welded hanging points, and regularly tested to ensure weight load limits are being maintained. Every hoop has its own unique serial number so if you need to know when your hoop was made down to the day we can tell you. Whether that’s for insurance reasons, inspection logs, or just so you can throw it a birthday party.

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  1. Introduction to Aerial Hoop

    Special Price $12.55 $13.95
  2. Prodigy 5 Toe Aerial Rigging Plate

    Special Price $43.95 $48.95
  3. Spin City Hoop Bible (6th Edition)

    Special Price $57.95 $61.95
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