BigRig Pulley Rigging System

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A pulley system for rigging aerial circus apparatus. BLL: 25kN
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5 x Prodigy AL21 Double-Action Carabiners (Lots in stock)   + $0.00
3 x ISC Medium Single Pulley RP032 (67 in stock)   + $0.00
1 x ISC Medium Double Pulley RP033 (25 in stock)   + $0.00
20 x Worksafe 7/16" (11mm) Rope - Black - Per Yard (Lots in stock)   + $0.00
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BigRig Pulley Rigging System
BigRig Pulley Rigging System

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    The BigRig Pulley Rigging System can be used with our freestanding outdoor aerial rig, the BigRig, as well as other aerial rigs.

    This dual anchor pulley system distributes the load across the frame of our BigRig more evenly than a system with a single tying off point, making sure that your whole assembly stays solid through your dynamic routines.

    This system includes: 4x ISC KL311 carabiners, 3x ISC single pulleys, 1x ISC double pulley and 20 yards of worksafe rope. The pulleys are all rated at 36kN, the rope is 32kN and the carabiners are rated at 25kN giving the whole set up a breaking load limit of 25kN.

    The ISC KL311 carabiners are oval-shaped, auto-locking, steel carabiners. They comply with EN 362 and are CE certified.

    The ISC Single Pulleys and double pulley are strong but lightweight aluminium pulleys that are CE marked and comply with EN 12278.

    Worksafe rope is a low stretch 7/16" (11mm) rope that is used in many climbing applications. It's made from 32 strand polyamide which provides impressive wear resistance, good grip and excellent handling characteristics.

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    Country of ManufactureUK
    Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)25kN
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