Henry's Delphin Juggling Club



Fantastic clubs for a fantastic price. Henry's Delphins are robust, high-grade juggling clubs that are a top choice for training and numbers juggling.

They are slender with seamless polythene handles and a solid ash wood core. This design uses a black plastic ring instead of adhesive tape where the handle meets the body of the club. As always with Henry's clubs, the knobs and ends can easily be replaced.

Delphins are a little lighter than other Henry's clubs. Combined with their slim profile and workhorse build, the weight makes them a top choice for numbers juggling!

Body Length: 30cm
Handle Length: 22cm
Overall Length: 52cm
Weight: 200g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing clubs

These wonderful juggling clubs are right good. Would highly recommend 'em.


I can juggle seven clubs and these are the best for numbers juggling and beginers

One more thing.

This is a continuation of my previous review, because I forgot to mention how amazing the Firetoys customer service is. My previous review talks about how great the Thud Juggling Balls, but this review is about Firetoys in general. I live in the USA, but the Firetoys shipping is faster than anything I order from over here. Not only do they sell amazing products, but they are incredibly friendly and helpful. I called their service number when I had a question about a product. There was no wait time, the employee was very knowledgeable, and again, incredibly friendly. I've yet to find a juggling store in the USA that has the product range, low prices, and shipping speed of Firetoys. I've placed 3 large orders through Firetoys over the last 2 months and I'm preparing to place a 4th. Highly recommend! A+++++++++

Fantastic clubs!

Before ordering these clubs, I had never juggled clubs before. I didn't want anything flashy or fancy. I simply wanted some high quality, plain clubs that would help me learn, but would also be useful once I was experienced. I didn't want to have to shell out additional money for new clubs once I learned, which is why I absolutely love these clubs! I ordered x2 of each of the orange, green, and blue clubs. They are very well made and have high quality ends to protect the clubs when they are dropped. I have since purchased more expensive, flashy clubs, but I usually resort back to the Henry Delphin clubs. They are simply fantastic clubs! I'm incredibly happy with my purchase. Highly recommend! A+++++++++++++

Great clubs

Well balanced and easy to handle. Ideal for body rolling. I only got three just to them out but I'll be getting more soon.