Flowtoys 6 Light Collapsible Flowstaff FS - 6 Flowlight FS

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Tough, bright and collapsible, Flowtoys LED glow staffs are great bits of kit. comes with 6x Flowlight FS.

Since the launch of the flowlight FS, flowtoys have been streamlining their range to fit the multi-purpose wonder light.

Because the flowlight FS has every other flowlight setup in its settings (plus a lot more), there's no need to pick each individual colour combination when you're buying a new staff!

6 Light flowstaff

This is the 6-light version of the flowtoys flow-staff, a collapsible tube-based glow staff that is a snap to put together. The 6-light system is the full flowtoys experience, you couldn't get more light in these staffs if your tried! These flowlights can always be used in other props as well, like the flowtoys crystal poi.

Each of these staffs has a 3.5F tube on each end, which can hold 3 flowlights (and half of a staff connector, hence the 3.5), so these tubes are stuffed to the gills.

Just because these staffs are pre-arranged for you doesn't mean they've lost any of their versatility though! all the parts included in these staffs are the same modular components you can get from us, and can be repurposed for any number of things! For example by removing the handles from these staffs you can instantly create a 94cm short glow staff!

Unlike the old flowlight staff bundles, these sets come with absolutely everything you need to get started, including the batteries for each flowlight, and the USB charger to charge them!


  • 6x flowlight FS
  • 2x staff connectors
  • 2x 3.5f tubes
  • 1x handle tube (as per size listing)
  • 2x flowcaps with flowlight adaptors
  • 2x AAA flowcell rechargeable batteries
  • 1x usb charger for flowcell
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Country of ManufactureUSA
Staff Spinning StyleSingle Spinning, Doubles, Antispin/Isolations
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Flowtoys 6 Light Collapsible Flowstaff FS - 6 Flowlight FS
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