Starter and Budget Unicycles

Starter and Budget Unicycles

This is the place to buy budget and beginner unicycles for both children and adults. These unicycles are basic machines that are suitable for learning on but are not strong enough for more advanced riding due to the standard components that help to keep their prices low. Many of these models come in a choice of bright colours and offer great value making them perfect first unicycles. They also come in a range of sizes to suit all ages and heights. Check out our guide to buying a unicycle.

Unicycling is a great activity for kids to take up – it’s also easier to learn to unicycle when you’re young. It obviously develops a sense of balance but is also a good way to keep children active, build their confidence and, of course, to have loads of fun! These same benefits apply to adults as well.

Our range of trainer unicycles comes in a variety of sizes from 12” diameter wheels up to 24” wheels. The smallest model is great for 3-6 year-olds with the 16” unicycle suitable for 6-11 year-olds. The 20” and 24” models are good for teenagers and adults with the former being more manoeuvrable and the latter better for travelling long distances/going faster.

The Club Freestyle unicycles are that bit sturdier than the other beginner unicycles and are designed for people who want to start learning hops and other freestyle tricks. These unis also come with non-marking tyres which are essential if you want to practise in sports halls and gymnasiums. 

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