Pedal Go's / Fun Wheels

Pedal Gos, Pedal Racers and Fun Wheels are very popular children’s toys. What’s so great about these toys is that they’re good, wholesome fun and keep kids active rather than sat in front of a screen. They also help in the physical development of children by improving their co-ordination and balance. Pedal Gos and other balance toys can also help mentally by giving kids a sense of achievement (managing to pedal without assistance/going further than before) and help to increase confidence.

These toys are essentially made up of wheels (two or four) whose axles are connected to two platforms, or pedals, that the child (or big child i.e. adult) stands on and powers the wheels. There is a definite knack to making the Pedal Go move and this can make it tricky to balance. Getting better at this skill is what give the sense of achievement and helps to boost children’s confidence.

Once mastered you can then have races or time trials on the Pedal Racers adding to the fun with a bit of friendly competition!

For those parents worried about injury, we also stock safety equipment like elbow and knee pads.

Pedal Gos, Pedal Racers and Fun Wheels make great, affordable birthday or Christmas gifts for children that make a refreshing change to the digital onslaught in kids toys!

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