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Trapeze Recall Notice

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Safety recall for Firetoys cable-core Static Trapezes

The steel cables fitted within the Firetoys cable-core trapezes can be susceptible to wear at the lower terminations in certain extreme cases. This is more likely to occur in heavy use situations where the cable is subject to repeated twists under tension. As the current design prevents inspection of the cable termination, it is not possible for users to perform a full safety inspection before every use. For this reason a full recall has been triggered. This recall is to improve the security and usability of the trapezes by eliminating the cable from the design and to issue new user inspection instructions.

We will do everything we can to ensure that this recall causes the least amount of inconvenience to our customers.

What happened:

A user witnessed the trapeze bar dropping at one s ide. Upon inspection it was found the cable had worn through at the elbow. The poly cotton rope, tested to 4,000 kg, acted as a redundancy against full failure. The affected trapeze was in constant use in multiple classes per week and had logged over 1300 hours of use.

Why it happened:

The Firetoys steel cable-core trapeze was designed in 2011 as a “static” trapeze. It was not designed for the very dynamic twisting/wrapping that is so commonly seen today. Steel cables are tensionally very strong, however rotations and twists can cause deterioration. As such, cables are generally preferred for static and swinging trapezes where the force is focussed vertically.

With torsion the area on the cable between the termination and the bar may in some cases rub against the thimble. This is more likely to occur when the rope has started to bunch at the its lower section, and the rope is pushed/pulled perpendicular to the bar. This area cannot be easily inspected by the user.

What we will do

We will get any affected trapezes back to our manufacturing facility (Firetoys will cover the cost of shipping), and replace the cable-core rope with a 24mm, 4 strand, twisted cotton rope free of charge. This is strong enough that it will be suitable for contemporary trapeze work, but flexible enough to take the perpendicular angles at the elbow. As with all 3 ply / 4 ply based trapezes, it will still be susceptible to the problems inherent with twisting against/with the lay of the rope, however any wear or damage to the rope will be visible during routine inspection.

Which Trapezes are affected?

Firetoys branded cable-core static trapezes bought in the last 7 years that are still in use. This includes:

  • Firetoys Static Trapeze - “White” & “Black / Red”
  • Firetoys Static Extended Trapeze - “White” & “Black / Red”
  • Firetoys Static Extended Dressed Trapeze “White/Black” and “Black/Red”
  • Firetoys Static Dressed Trapeze - White/Black
  • Firetoys Custom Static Trapeze
Trapezes made by other manufacturers are not affected.

Trapezes which have logged hours exceeding the manufacturers RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM USAGE are affected but do not qualify for free repair. Please contact us using the below collection form and we will help you.

How to send your trapeze to us:

Download a copy of the collection form

Email a completed copy of this form to

Firetoys will cover the cost of shipping

It is vital that you properly label your trapeze so we know who sent it and can identify what work needs doing and who to send it back to. We will be receiving a high number of trapezes in the coming months, any trapezes that don't have this information will be delayed until we can identify them

Turnaround time:

Our goal is to send your trapeze back within 3 weeks of receipt, depending on volume of units received. We will ship by services which will add one day to one week, depending on where you are.

When you need to send your Trapeze to us:

It is mandatory that you send your Trapeze in for the safety modifications as soon as possible. We require that you return it with a copy of the usage log, or with estimated hours of use. Please be sure to return it with your carabiners included.

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