Sushi Go

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Pass the Sushi to the left-hand side!

Sushi-go is a fast paced and easy to learn game in a handy travel tin.

2–5 Players, 15 min, 8+ (simplified rules 5+)

Pick and pass

Sushi Go is easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for all ages with rules and scoring that are simple to understand.

You’re trying to collect the most sushi rolls or make a full set of sashimi from the cards being passed around. Every player looks at the cards in their hand, selects the one they want to keep, and then passes the Sushi on.

You’re trying to score the most points while weighing up which cards your opponents will want from the hand. This gives some light strategy to the game - pass the wrong nigiri and your opponent could dip it in wasabi to triple its value!

Make sure you have the most pudding cards at the end of the game!

This game is fun for 2 players, but it works best with 3-4. Kids will have fun with this game from 5+ using simplified rules.


108 cards

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