The Fire Papaya - Fire Poi

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These fire poi are large, professional poi that feel like contact poi thanks to the large head and round silicone handles. They are great for throws and juggling. Available in a number of lengths. Sold as a pair.
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The Fire Papaya are high quality, large, professional fire poi that feel like contact poi. Their large flames and substantial burn time make these fire poi suitable for experienced spinners only.

The large, round-ish heads are made from almost 8 feet of 1/2" (13mm) fire rope. This soaks up a great amount of fuel, leading to long burn times of around 6 minutes, and big flames! The heads weigh 7oz dry, and 12oz soaked in fuel. At the other end are Play silicone knob handles with inline swivels, the same handles we use on our contact poi. These handles allow for a quick release and easy catches as well as providing a counterweight to the poi heads. All this, plus being heavier than your average poi, makes the Fire Papaya great for throws, tosses and juggling. While possible, we do not recommend you use these poi for contact rolls, at least not while on fire!

There is a smooth and fast inline swivel located at the top of the chain that allows you to perform tricks like orbitals without twisting the chain. The chain is a super strong oval twist link chain.

Available in a range of lengths from 22" to 28" to suit all heights and styles of spinner.

Sold as a pair.

All our own props are manufactured in our sustainably powered, 1700 square foot workshop.

More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
Poi Wick Width3.1"
Wick Length (per head)39" +
Poi Weight (per pair)20.1oz
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