Flowtoys Capsule Poi Duo

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The Capsule Poi Duo have two capsule lights in each poi and are great for performance.
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Note: this is using the flowtoys capsule V1.0, the capsule V2.0 has only just been released by flowtoys and will be with us in new products soon. Flowtoys Capsule Poi Duo are a fantastic pair of LED glow poi with a huge number of modes and colours. Capsule Poi Duo use the same capsule light unit as the extremely popular PodPoi only these babies have two capsule lights in each poi. The light units are housed in Flowtoys polycarbonate tubes. The capsule light unit is an awesome piece of work. Each contains 4x RGB LEDs that can create a huge variety of colours. They contain many pre-programmed modes, including strobe modes, and each one is adjustable (instructions provided). The Capsules are also charged via micro USB (cables included) and will fully charge the batteries in 2 hours (if the light is off). Depending on the mode you use, the batteries will last between 6 and 77 hours! That's a lot of glow! The end-weighted Flow Cap helps to protect the light unit for dirt and moisture. They're made from soft silicone so also protect your noggin from impacts. These poi are equipped with adjustable flowleashes and a swiveled floop handle. As these are Flowtoys they have been designed with the environment in mind and come with the Flowtoys lifetime warranty. Here's a video demonstrating the capsule light unit and its modes:
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Country of ManufactureUSA
Poi Head Length203mm
Weight of Single Poi Head with Light(s)140g
Weight of Single Poi Head with Light(s) and Single Mass170g
Weight of Single Poi Head with Light(s) with Double Mass200g
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