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Flowlights supply the illumination for flowtoys and are available in lots of colors. They can also be used as high-tech glow sticks for ravers.

At the heart of the Flowtoys modular system is their Flowlight. These units house three bright LEDs, two at the top and one at the bottom, of their funky looking casing. Flowlights have 11 different settings including different strobe patterns that leave amazing trails when spun in Flowtoys.

All Flowlights are second-generation lights. These lights are even brighter than the first generation and do not turn off because of impacts (something which the Gen 1's did occasionally).

The settings on the Flowlights are changed in a simple and intuitive manner using a single push button on the Flowlight casing. Different props can hold anywhere between one and eight Flowlights. By setting different Flowlights to different patterns some truly mesmerising effects can be created, rivalling any other top-end glow prop on the market.

Flowlights glow for around 6-7 hours on a single AAA battery (not included) and maintain their brightness throughout the life of the battery. By using rechargeable batteries you can slash the cost of powering your Flowtoys and minimize the impact on the environment. Batteries are available from us.

Flowlights are also covered by Flowtoys warranty. Any Flowtoys products will be fixed or replaced for free if not physically damaged. If they have been physically damaged you will be able to get replacement parts at half price.

CHECK OUT THE NEW SPECTRUM FLOWLIGHT! The Spectrum is a rainbow Flowlight with all the standard modes and patterns but it shifts through all the colours of the, well... spectrum. You can't stop on one colour but, like other Flowlights, it will remain bright until the battery runs out with no fading. See the video below for a demo of the Spectrum.

WE NOW HAVE THE GREEN "ECO" FLOWLIGHT TOO! This special edition Flowlight was created to help raise awareness of electrical waste problems. Most electrical waste, in the US at least, is shipped to China to be disposed of cheaply and not very responsibly. Flowtoys is donating 10% of all sales of this colour Flowlight to the non-profit organisation, e-Stewards, who work to reduce toxic e-waste. We also do our bit here at Firetoys by recycling our e-waste responsibly and conforming to WEEE regulations.

Please note batteries are sold separately.

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Spectrum Flowlight:

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