Flowtoys Composite Contact Flowstaff - 4 Capsule

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A revolution in glow contact staffs! The carbon fibre shaft makes for a rigid, strong but lightweight staff with four capsule lights. Available in 4'7" or 5' lengths.
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Flowtoys Composite Contact Flowstaffs are a game changer in the world of LED glow staffs. Many people think these are the best glow contact staffs in the world in terms of how well they spin. They are great for all levels of staffer. At the heart of this glow staff revolution is the lightweight, thin but very strong carbon fibre shaft. The shaft is wrapped in silicone tubing for enhanced grip but what really separates Flowtoys Composite Contact Flow Staffs from the competition is the rigidity. Many other glow staffs, including other Flowstaffs in Flowtoys range, have shafts that flex quite a bit and this can hamper play, especially contact moves. The carbon fibre all but removes the flex. Flowtoys composite contact flow staff The shaft also keeps the weight low and helps to focus it at the ends of the staff. It has a 11/16" (17mm) outside diameter, which is pretty thin, further helping to keep the weight down but also making rolling moves like Steves and Angel Rolls feel silky smooth. The only downside of this awesome design compared to some other models is that the LEDs are only at the ends of the staff rather than lighting the whole shaft. Composite Contact Flowstaff endAt each end of the staff is a tough polycarbonate tube that houses two capsule lights - the same awesome lights found in PodPoi. These lights have loads of controllable settings for different colours, patterns, speeds and brightness. The capsules are also "kinetically aware" meaning the know when you stall or change direction! The capsule lights are charged via USB cables, four of which are included with every staff. The tubes are attached to the shaft by translucent ABS compression connectors that create a firm connection. A flow cap finishes off the end by securely holding the light units in place. The Composite Contact Flow Staffs are also supplied with a pair of flowmass for extra end-weighting and momentum - just what you want in a contact staff. The end tubes can be removed from the shaft, reducing the overall length and making these staffs a bit easier to travel with. The shaft lengths, without the tubes, are 3'3" / 3'7" (100cm/110cm) which is still quite long and why we hesitate to call these staffs "travel glow staffs". Available in 4'7" (140cm) or 5' (150cm) lengths. A good rule of thumb for what size contact staff to use is something that is between shoulder and chin height.
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Country of ManufactureUSA
Staff Spinning StyleSingle Spinning, Throws, Contact, Double contact
LevelAll Levels
Weight140cm = 525g | 150cm = 548g
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