Fibre 3 Contact Fire Staff - 100cm-Clear Silicone

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Ultra-strong, momentum rich, full fiberglass core, 100cm long, pro contact fire staff with large wicks. Sporting either our new silicone grips or old school padded ones.

The Fiber 3 Contact Fire Staff is the 3rd generation of our ultra-strong pure fiberglass core fire staffs. The Fiber 3 range has been specifically designed to be used as a contact staff. The fiberglass core is so heavy, resulting in an outstanding amount of momentum. This means that the Fiber 3s continue to rotate, and feel like they're stuck to you, even at slow speeds. 

The 100cm version is ideal for shorter people and those who are venturing into doubles contact.

The Fiber 3s have a number of innovative features:

- The fiberglass core is so strong that these staff are virtually indestructible. Fiberglass also doesn't conduct heat well meaning the shaft will not get hot, even after repeated burns. The diskreet flex provided by the core is firm enough to not hinder play but still absorb shock from the highest throws.

- Aluminum heat shields and bash guards cover 20cm of either end of the staff. These help to concentrate weight at the extremities adding momentum and fluidity to the staff.

- The 100cm model comes equipped with two whopping burners each made from 80cm of 80mm wide wick, guaranteeing long lasting and consistent burns. The large wicks add further weight to the ends of the staff providing yet more momentum.

- There are two types of grip available on the Fiber 3s; silicone or cushion grip:

The silicone grip provides a huge amount of friction and is fused to the core with a heat and fuel proof silicone adhesive. The silicone grip also comes marked with a center point and two other handy points equidistant from the center. These two marks are usefully positioned at the areas you would hold the staff for entry into moves like the SNES or Matrix.

The cushion grip is the same padded grip we use on our aluminum staffs, only twice the length. This gives a large area of friction that will forgive those little inaccuracies. The cushion grip performs slightly better than the silicone in wet conditions and the red/black spiral of the grip looks especially good in rolling moves like a Steve or an Angel Roll. Unfortunately the extra cost of this quality grip means the staff is slightly more expensive than its silicone counterpart.

- Most other staffs have a limited lifespan as the wicks are secured with screws that eventually wear away the core. The bolts we use to attach the wick to the shaft go right through the entire burner and screw into each other ensuring the wicks are tightly secured and easy to replace. The biggest advantage these bolts give our staffs over others on the market is that they won't cause deterioration to the core during re-wicking as they screw into each other and not the core. This greatly increases the life of our staffs.

The Fiber 3 Contact Fire Staffs have been tried and tested by many awesome contact staffers who have provided feedback resulting in the work horse of a staff you see before you. The Fiber 3s are hugely popular and have become a favorite of professional contact staff spinners in the UK and internationally.

More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
Fibre3 Length3ft 11"
Amount of Wick (per burner)31.4" x 3.1"
Staff Spinning StyleSingle Spinning, Doubles, Contact, Double contact
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