Firetoys 6m Aerial Yoga Hammock - Slight Seconds -Turquoise

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2.8m wide, medium stretch, nylon fabric designed to be hung as hammocks for use in aerial yoga. Comes tied onto O-rings.


WLL: 172kg. 


Please note:

This colour option is on offer because the material is thinner than the rest of our hammock range.

It has been load tested and is perfectly safe for use. However, it may be easier to damage because it is thinner.

Please keep this in mind if you are looking for fabric for a high-use studio.



An Aerial Yoga swing goes beyond traditional Yoga and allows for deep stretches and even inversions of yoga poses. Aerial yoga hammocks are great for developing core strength, flexibility and decompressing the spine.

Aerial Yoga is a fantastic exercise discipline that has taken the world by storm!

The ability to invert fully and explore poses not previously possible makes it a challenging and engaging proposition for experienced yoga practitioners.

Aerial Yoga allows you to relax and experience just a little bit of the upside-down fun that is part of the appeal of aerial acrobatics with a lower barrier to entry.


Perfect for the professional yogi, casual practitioner, and great fun for kids!




These bestselling Aerial Yoga hammocks are perfect if you don't need to make many adjustments to the height of your hammock. If you're looking for something to use for simple stretching and inverting, a relaxing hammock cocoon, or a yoga swing for the kids - this is the hammock for you!

These hammocks are recommended for any aerial sling performances where you're going to be more dynamic than in Aerial Yoga and will not need to make any adjustments once you have set the height.




You can set the height as you want it and forget about it, but if you want to make slight adjustments to the height, you can add a Prodigy Aerial 5 Loop Chain.


If you want to do this, then you will need to add the following:


This works well if you’re the only person using the hammocks, and you will want to adjust the height, but you want to set it perfectly and quickly each time. It will take a little bit of time to set up initially, but once it’s set-up, you’ll know precisely where the hammock will hang when you clip on to each loop.




These hammocks come tied to the o-rings on our preferred knot. We have chosen the knot because it's easy to untie after using the hammock. It can get very tight but significantly less so than some other knots!

You can follow the instructions below to tie the knot.




how to tye hammock knots




The 2.8m width of these aerial hammock slings allows you to lay fully flat for a full meditation session, or even get into a full horizontal split (if you're flexible enough),

The 6m length means that you're able to adjust the knots on these to a full variety of heights, to suit any ceiling. We recommend the Prodigy Aerial 5 Loop Chain for Hammocks if you need to adjust more often.

These Firetoys Aerial Yoga Hammocks have a small amount of stretch (about 10% across their length), which allows the swing to support you through your workout, and means that any moves that require a thin band of silk across the waist or under the arms are cushioned.

All Firetoys Aerial Yoga Hammocks are inspected and tested in the UK before being packaged up and sent out to you. We have given them a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 172kg (379lbs).

Aerial acrobatics products have a different returns policy to the rest of our catalogue. Please make sure you are familiar with this before buying.


More Information
Country of ManufactureUK Aerial
Average (Mean) Downward Stretch10% (medium)
Working Load Limit441lbs
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