Prodigy Snake Tape - Hot Pink *Clearance - NOT color-fast*

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A tape built specifically for aerial, from prodigy. Comes in 14m long rolls, in 38mm wide. Sold individually.


please note:

This colour is on offer because it is NOT colour-fast.

The pink dye will come off this tape and mark your clothing/skin the first time you use it.

Built for aerial


Prodigy Snake tape has been produced by Prodigy specifically for use on aerial equipment.

It’s 14m long, which means 1 roll should be more than enough to cover any size aerial hoop you throw it at (please note, throwing this at a hoop will not wrap it for you, that technology hasn’t been developed yet). 

Each roll is 38mm (1 ½ inches) wide which allows for a perfect overlap on a curved tube like a lyra without too much wrinkling, and the adhesive that keeps this securely on your equipment has much less zinc oxide in than competitors tapes, which means less sticky residue during use! 

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