Firetoys Twist-11 Glow Ball - 70mm Multifunction LED glow ball

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Bright, durable and fantastic value! This multi-function LED glow ball is simple to use, lovely to juggle, and looks amazing. Probably the best value LED juggling ball around.

Price is for 1 ball - these are sold individually.

High powered LED

The Firetoys Twist-11 Glow Ball looks great and feels fantastic. The light from the single high-powered LED is incredibly bright and evenly diffused throughout this ball. These super-bright balls will look great wherever you perform – on the stage, in the street, or in the garden with your friends!

Durable construction and a joy to juggle

The switch on the Firetoys Twist-11 is sunk below the surface of the ball, this helps protect the switch from impacts and helps to give the ball a nice shape that is comfortable to catch.

The shell of this ball is soft but rigid, like a stage ball. It is filled with plastic pellets which add to the light effect and give the ball a weight of approx. 155g. This is heavier than a standard thud juggling ball but does make it suitable for contact juggling. It’s also an excellent weight for putting in a pair of socks for LED poi.

Simple operation, 11 colour modes

The Firetoys Twist-11 is a multifunction LED ball that makes it incredibly easy to change modes.

Simply twist the cap out until the lights go out, then twist it back in again (in less than a second) to move on to the next mode. The modes you can choose from are:

Solid Colours:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • White

Colour change functions:

  • Slow fade – colours slowly change and fade into the next colour through all 8 solid colours.
  • Fast change -1.5 seconds per color, cycling through all 8 colours.
  • Strobing – flickers through all 8 colours, doesn’t look like much when stationary but when juggled it creates an effect that shows each colour separated as the ball moves. This will make even the simplest juggling pattern look incredible.

To turn the ball off/reset the colour cycle, just unscrew the cap and leave it unscrewed. To remove the batteries, completely unscrew the cap and invert the ball so the batteries fall out.

Each glow ball comes supplied with a full set of 3 x LR44 batteries. When you first receive the ball each battery is separated by a plastic divider to prevent the batteries discharging while not in use. To prolong battery life please retain these and reinsert between batteries when not in use.

Firetoys Twist-11 Specs:

Ball Diameter: 70mm

Ball type: Stage / contact

Weight: approx 155g

Glow time: 3 – 4 hours depending on function. Solid red will last longer than strobing function, for example.

Battery: 3 x LR44

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Country of ManufactureUSA
Approx Ball Diameter2.75" (70mm)
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