Four-Bay FlowCharger - AAA and AA Battery Charger

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A great little battery charger from Flowtoys. Comes fitted with US style plug and therefore requires a travel apapter if used outside the USA.
The most compact affordable battery charger those lovely people at Flowtoys could find, this little guy does it all. Features: > Charges and monitors individual cells in under 5 hours > Accepts voltage in all countries > Super compact > No bulky wall adaptor > Separate removable power cord for convenient placement and easy replacement with foreign plugs > LED display indicates when cells are charged Charges both AAs and AAAs; 4 battery capacity. Batteries not included. Note on most cheap chargers (which this one isn't): > Typical cheap chargers use a timer and do not charge individual cells evenly, or at all, or have no timer and will damage them if left in too long
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