Diamond FX Brush Soap - 100g Block

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Clean and care for you face painting brushes with this tin of brush soap.

This brush soap from Diamond FX has been specially formulated for cleaning and caring for pace paint brushes. It has a citrus scent and comes supplied in a small aluminium tin.

As well as removing the paint from your brush the brush soap has a moisturising effect that helps to prevent the bristles breaking and keeps both natural and synthetic brush hairs soft and elastic.

All this means your brushes will last much longer.

How to Clean Your Brushes with Brush Soap

- Dip your brush into the brush soap.

- Rub the brush soap into the bristles. Very delicately rub the bristles in a circular, scrubbing motion in the palm of your free hand.

- Once you have worked the brush soap thoroughly through the bristles, rinse the soap from the brush under warm, running water. It may take more than one application of soap if there is a lot of paint in the brush.

- Remove excess water with a towel and allow the brushes to dry before using them again.

- We advise, hanging your brushes to dry, or letting them dry on a clean towel, ideally with the bristles lower than the rest of the brush to drain any water.

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ManufacturerDiamond FX
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