Set of 3 Firetoys 70mm LED Juggling Balls - Red, Green, Blue

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Our very own bright, durable and great value LED glow juggling balls.


Even better value when you buy this set of 3 single colours. The classic combination of  Red, Green and Blue.


The price is for one set of 3 balls.



This is a set of 3 of the best LED juggling balls around!


This set includes 1x Red ball, 1x Green ball, and 1x Blue ball. A classic and very popular combination!


Each ball is supplied with 3x LR 44 batteries. 



Firetoys 70mm LED Glow Juggling Balls are tried and tested, we've been selling these for years, and they're still the most reliable and best value LED juggling ball around.


The grippy and slightly soft shell feels good and protects the LED unit inside, don't worry about dropping the balls; they're tough. The shell is easy to clean and diffuses the light evenly. Their only weakness is being dropped directly on the battery cap on hard ground. This can lead to the cap getting jammed. We recommend practicing new tricks over a soft surface like grass or carpet.


The 155g weight is a little heavier than a standard ball, but it's evenly distributed, making three balls a pleasurable juggle. They also make a nice weighted end for a pair of sock poi, the perfect weight for isolations!



Practice all day and impress your friends all night! Even a simple routine becomes spellbinding with LED balls. 


Each ball comes supplied with 3 x LR44 batteries, so you'll be ready to glow straight away. These balls will run for 3-5 hours solid on a fresh set of batteries, depending on the colour.



Diameter: 68mm

Weight: 155g


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