70mm Rechargeable All Light Glow Juggling Ball

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The most environmentally friendly way of juggling glow balls. The All Light ball has 28 different colour and strobe modes. Sold individually.
These 70mm Rechargeable Glow Juggling Balls are made from the same silicone coated shell as the standard glow balls but are twice as bright and glow for around two hours. Although considerably more expensive than their non-rechargeable counterparts, these balls glow brighter and will save you a fortune in batteries if you plan to use them regularly. They are also much better for the environment as you don't have to dispose of those tricky and toxic batteries. Price shown is per ball. The light from the two bright LEDs is evenly diffused throughout this stage ball. The charging socket and on/off switch are set into the ball a few mm to protect them. A complete charge takes eight hours from flat and you will need a Five Way Splitter and 9V battery charger in order to charge these balls. These balls will glow brightly for 45 minutes before starting to dim. Their total glow time is around two hours.

width="150" What makes these so fun to play with is the sheer number of patterns on offer (28 in total!) after a bit of playing around you do start to get the hang of how to control them but be warned they are not the most user friendly or intuitive to control (don't lose the instruction sheet it comes in really handy!). Take a look at the supersize image to see all the modes / patterns. The colored circles in the illustration accurately represent the All Light's color tracers in a circular motion. MODE A = 7 Solid Colours MODE B = 7 Multi-coloured patterns with selectable blinking speeds MODE C = 13 patterns that exchange/alternate/burst colors and a fade pattern that can be from on any colour. How it Works 27 patterns are located within 3 modes (ABC). Accessing and controlling them is done by pressing the button located in the middle of the cap. Pressing twice changes patterns, pressing once will control a patterns effects, like colour and/or blinking speed. Pressing three times shuts it off and the next time you press once brings it back to Mode A.

You will need to purchase a 9V UK battery charger and Five Way Splitter separately to charge your balls, these can be found in the "Accessories" section above.

Please note, the ball does NOT ever look like the stripey multi coloured image at the top - it's just a representation!
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ManufacturerLight Up and Juggle
Country of ManufactureUSA
Approx Ball Diameter2.75" (70mm)
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70mm Rechargeable All Light Glow Juggling Ball
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