Juggle Dream Aurora Glow Hula Hoop - 80 LEDs

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The Aurora LED glow hula hoop offers over 300 modes and patterns. It's rechargeable and come supplied with in-built batteries, charger and remote control.
The Juggle Dream Aurora Glow Hula Hoop has 80 bright, RGB LEDs. Each one of these LEDs can change colour meaning this hoop has over 300 functions that include solid colours as well as colour change patterns with speed control. The Aurora LED hoop is controlled by a handy remote controller. The remote uses RF wireless to communicate with the hoop. Unlike infra-red controllers this remote doesn't need a line of sight to work and is effective over 50 yards away. The remote is about the size of a credit card so it can be kept on you or subtly tucked into a costume so you can change the hoop's functions without hampering your tricks. Alternatively, the remote could be operated by someone off-stage. Aurora glow hoops are easy to use but at a 35.5" diameter, 3/4" tube thickness and weighing just 16.2oz absolute beginners may find them a little tricky to get going. To make things easier without diminishing the hoop's glow, you could try putting a strip of this fabric tape around the inside of the hoop. Each hoop is powered by five mains rechargeable lithium batteries, which are equally spaced around the hoop to maintain its balance. The Aurora glow hula hoop will glow for 2-4 hours, depending on the mode and a full charge takes up to six hours. The charger (UK pin) is supplied and has a useful indicator to show you when the hoop is fully charged. This hula hoop can be folded down to make it easier to transport. A travel LED glow hula hoop! It will also be sent to you in the folded position. We strongly recommend you unfold the hoop when you receive it. It may take some manipulation to return the hoop to a perfect circle. A tip for this is to leave the hoop unconnected for a while. We also recommend you only fold down the hoop when you are transporting it. Don't store it for days on end in the folded position.
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Country of ManufactureChina
ManufacturerJuggle Dream
Number of LEDs80
Hoop Diameter35.5" Outer Diameter
Tube Diameter0.8"
Hoop Weight16.2oz
Battery (Included)Rechargeable Lithium Battery
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