Hoop DVDs

It’s quite easy to learn the basics of hula hooping but where to take your skills next can be more difficult. It can also get a bit boring if you’re using your hoop for exercise and you only have a few tricks. More moves means you can add more movement into your hooping, improving your work out.  We stock a range of hula hoop DVDs so whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper, whether you hoop for fun or hoop to get fit you’ll find a tutorial DVD that’s right for you.

Hoopnotica’s hoop dance series is extensive with four DVDs in the series. The lessons in this series and set in less flashy locations than some other hoop DVDs but the instruction is clear and the focus is on keeping fit and adds in elements of yoga.

If you’re not so keen on girls with fluffy boots and skimpy clothing then Hooping by Peachy Steve is the DVD for you. This no frills DVD provides clear, no nonsense hooping lessons. It’s also the best value DVD in this section.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn how to hula hoop, or improve your hooping today!

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