Polished Aluminium Hula Hoop

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Light, strong, thin and shiny aluminum hoops. Great for multi hooping and stage performance.


Anyone can use our aluminium hula hoop. It's designed for professional hula hoop performers and a great for entry-level exercise hula hoop too.


Our improved aluminium hoops are even shinier and stronger than previous designs. They are very rigid and thin making them ideal for multi hoop acts and complex hula hoop tricks.

The rigid nature of these hoops makes them incredibly responsive to your slightest movement. The thin aluminium tube is NOT as strong as the plastic ones and the hoop may bend or the riveted join weaken if mistreated. These hula hoops are not suitable for hoop juggling or high throws.

Our hoops are polished to a high level of shine but we can polish even further! Contact us for a custom quote if you want something really special. 

As with all polished products blemishes come easily. Rest assured that any small blemishes aren't visible when hooping, especially under stage lights. 

All our own props are manufactured in our sustainably powered, 1,700 square foot workshop.


Weighted hula hoops range from 400g all the way up to 2kg! Our aluminium hoop sits at the bottom of that range making it perfect for beginners or people who prefer a more gymnastic workout routine.

Fitness hula hoops provide amazing cardio workouts and strengthen your core muscles. Workouts can be increased in intensity by either increasing hoop weight or speed of movements. Heavier hoops can cause bruising though, so find a hoop that suits you best.

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Country of ManufactureUK
Hoop Diameter36"
Hoop Weight14.9oz
Tube Diameter0.4"
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