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Pod Poi - The incredible glow poi from Flowtoys.

Pod Poi are simply the most beautiful glow poi to spin currently available in this price range. The weighting on these programmable, super-comfortable, intelligent glow poi is amazing so they actually feel like your normal poi.

The superbright RGB LEDs have loads of modes. Ten base modes with huge configurability in each, and ten pre-programmed modes that really make the most out of the hardware in these tiny marvels. They even know when you're stalling, allowing for fantastic patterns that change depending on how you're moving.

The poi "Pods" are constructed out of eco-friendly silicone rubber, which diffuses the light from the LEDs beautifully into a lotus pattern on the base, as well as cushioning any impacts you might suffer. The light unit itself is made of super hard wearing polycarbonate, and is attached with flowtoys own flowcord (soft squishy colecord, with no stretch) to a high quality swivel, and soft fabric finger loops.

The PodPoi batteries last all night, perfect for long performances or festivals, and are chargeable with a simple micro USB cable in 3 hours (cables included with the PodPoi).

The charging indicator lets you know how charged your pod is with a simple colour pulse.

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Country of ManufactureUSA
Poi Cord LengthAdjustable 21.6" - 31.5" (55-80cm)
LevelAll Levels
Poi Weight (per pair)12oz
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