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What goes up must come down, and this Cork Yoga Mat is the perfect way to ground yourself and stretch after Aerial training!

Firetoys Cork Yoga mats are 4mm thick, which is very comfortable, and they offer plenty of space for stretching and moving through poses with a 183cm length and 61cm width.


Made from 100% natural, sustainable, and biodegradable Malaysian rubber and Portuguese cork!


Circus training can hurt, particularly Aerial, so you want to be comfortable when you need to take care of yourself and stretch it out!

No matter where you practice, you'll be comfortable with this 4mm thick Cork Yoga Mat.


Natural Rubber provides a super comfortable and joint supporting cushion while not being so thick that you sink into it like an over-soft bed. This mat is perfect for keeping you grounded and balanced while you plant your Tree pose!

Natural Rubber won't slip and slide on the ground, and it's heavy enough that it will lie perfectly flat every time you unroll it - no more curling up ends.

Cork is a wonderfully soft, naturally anti-microbial, and anti-slip material! The Firetoys Cork Yoga Mat provides excellent grip, which improves with sweat! That means no more unsteady downward dogs or slippy hands in plank, and it's perfect for hot yoga.


The Firetoys Cork Yoga Mat is 183cm wide and 61cm long; that's enough space for most people to swing a Cat-Cow!



Included with the Firetoys Cork Yoga Mat is a handy travel strap that can be used as a super helpful stretching/yoga strap!


Yoga straps are useful for all skill levels. They can help correct alignment, deepen a stretch, or work towards a difficult pose with assistance.


Using the travel strap is excellent for beginners, as it helps to safely and gently improve flexibility.



We need to look after our bodies as well as our planet. The Firetoys Cork Yoga Mat does not have a disposable plastic cover, and we've used the most sustainable materials we could find.


Cork and Natural Rubber are non-petroleum based, biodegradable and sustainable. Portuguese Cork trees are left to grow without any significant harm caused by the harvest and support a diverse ecosystem while preventing erosion and desertification. Malaysian rubber trees play a vital role to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and after the rubber trees fall, they are converted into renewable rubberwood for other industries.


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