YoYos by Manufacturer

YoYos by Manufacturer

If you think the yoyo was an ‘80s fad then think again! The yo yo is as popular as ever and the boundaries of what can be done are being pushed all the time by technological advancements. We sell only the best yo-yos, our even basic beginner’s models are quality bits of kit. We also stock top of the range yoyos, and everything in between, for all disciplines and from the best manufacturers in the world including; YoYo Jam, YoYo Factory and Duncan. For a guide to what yoyo to buy have a look here.

Modern yoyos come in a variety of forms to suit different styles of play. These styles have been divided up into a series of categories:

1A – String tricks with a single yoyo

2A – Double looping yoyos

3A – String tricks with two yoyos

4A – Offstring yoyo play

5A – Free hand yo yo-ing

1A: For this style of play you need a yo yo with a long sleep time. This gives you the time you need to perform those complicated string tricks. The more advanced string trick yoyos require a binding trick to return the yoyo to the hand.

2A: Looping yoyos don’t require long sleep times as the yo yo is kept in constant motion being sent from the hand and looped inside and outside of the arms. 2A is possibly the most spectacular yo-yo division.

4A: Offstring yoyo shares more than a small similarity with diabolo. The yoyo can leave the string to be caught in loads of different ways. Many off string yoyos are large and have a flared butterfly shape to help catches.

5A: With a freehand, or counterweight, yo yo the player can let go of the string entirely allowing a whole new realm of tricks to be opened up!

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