YoYoFactory Pair of Silicone Response Pads - 19mm OD

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The full range of pads from YoYoFactory. Sold as a pair.

YoYoFactory's silicone response pads have a 19mm OD (14mm ID).

Each colour has its own response profile, and your play style will determine which kind you're after


These are the standard YoYoFactory pads that come fitted on many new YoYo Factory yo-yos.

These pads are excellent, all-round, general purpose pads suitable for all styles of play from contest preparation, high intensity freestyle, to just hanging out and throwing.


These break in a lot faster than the standard pads, and hit that "sweet spot" of response sooner. They will however wear out faster as a result.


these are the extra thick pads. Originally designed for replacing the YYF ONE/Hubstack and Replay, these will sit a little thicker on other yoyos


these are the longest lasting pads that yoyofactory make, and will break in fairly quickly and last for ages with no maintenance.

Sold as a pair.

More Information
Country of ManufactureChina
Response SystemSilicone Pad
yoyo bearing sizesize C
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