Fyrefli Comet FyreDiabolo - Fire Diabolo

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A simple but effective, durable, impressive and relatively affordable fire diabolo from Fyrefli.

The Fyrefli Comet Fire Diabolo is a classic piece of kit. The design is simple and effective and the end product is affordable and durable (for a steel diabolo that is).

The Comet is constructed from stainless steel with drill holes dotted around the cups to let air in and fire out. The cup rims are folded over to add strength the diabolo.

The wick is not bolted on like most fire diabolos but tightly rolled into a chamber which acts like a reservoir. Once properly conditioned, you get extended burn times which far out stretch any conventional design. The Meteor takes about 6.7" (17cm) of 1.8" (45mm) flat fire wick per side (so 13.4" (0.34m) of 1.8" (45mm) wick will give you enough for a full replacement although you shouldn’t have to change the wick for a long time).

As with all steel diabolos, this model will get dented if dropped hard onto concrete, so play carefully.

Full instructions and guidelines come supplied with this diabolo, along with a refueling bottle and a two meter length of Kevlar string.

IMPORTANT: If you drop a fire diabolo, the rotational speed will send it rolling off into the distance very fast. An uncontrollable, fast-moving, flaming fire ball is very dangerous. Always make sure you are in a suitable location. Never leave children unattended with a fire diabolo, even if they are very good.

Treat it with care and respect.

Please note, this is for the diabolo only, sticks are not included. You may want one of our diabolo sets or just our selection of diabolo handsticks.

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Country of ManufactureUK
Diabolo LevelAdvanced
Diabolo SizeLarge
Axle Fixed
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