Juggle Dream Cyclone Quartz 2 Triple Bearing Diabolo

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The Cyclone Quartz 2 is an excellent value, medium sized, triple-bearing diabolo that is perfect for beginners and advanced players. 

Note: This listing is for the diabolo only! Click here for diabolo sets which include sticks.



The Cyclone Quartz Triple Bearing Diabolo is a medium-sized, triple-bearing, wide axle diabolo. It's ideal for all types of grind tricks, very stable at high speeds, and handles drops very well. Its medium size is great for kids and adults, experts or beginners!


Bearing axle diabolos are a popular choice due to the increased spin time of the diabolo. The one way bearing axle works in a similar way to the back wheel of a bicycle; once sped up, the diabolo will freewheel and spin up to 20x longer than a standard fixed axle diabolo! Because of this, certain tricks such as grinds are much easier to perform well and for a longer time, making them very popular with beginners looking for their first diabolo.


As you can only spin the diabolo in one direction, some people find it easier to learn with. It is also much easier to get the diabolo spinning fast as you can wrap the string a couple of times around the axle without fear of tangles.


There are, however, a couple of very minor downsides;

1. Unlike conventional fixed axle diabolos, the axle will need replacing once the bearings wear out.

2. Elevator tricks (magic string climb) are impossible.


Please note this is for the diabolo only. Sticks are not included. You may want one of our diabolo sets or just our selection of diabolo handsticks.



More Information
Country of ManufactureChina
ManufacturerJuggle Dream
Diabolo LevelBeginner/Intermediate
Diabolo SizeMedium
Axle Bearing (clutch)
Cup Diameter105mm
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