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The Prodigy Aerial Dyna-Core trapeze is the perfect blend of the traditional trapeze style and modern functionality. This trapeze is designed to provide superior stability and security, thanks to its advanced Dyna-Core ropes that feature minimal stretch and zero bounce. The Dyna Core trapeze is available in two colours - black and white - allowing you to choose the one that best suits your personal style.

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Aerial Safety

Aerial equipment should never be used unsupervised, please consult a professional.

Everything below assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig. Not every home/studio will be the same, so we cannot advise on this part. If you haven’t established a safe rigging point, please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it.

Check out our aerial blogs for more information.

Dyna Core

Prodigy Aerial have designed the Dyna-Core Classic Trapeze to provide maximum strength and safety with a rope that is both flexible and comfortable to use!

The Dyna-Core rope is a super strong 24mm diameter, 12-strand synthetic Dyneema core enclosed by a 4-strand natural cotton rope.

The Dyna-Core rope features minimal stretch and no bounce, ensuring the trapeze remains horizontal and stable like a steel-cored trapeze.This does mean however, it will not cushion the impact from any drops.

Classic Style

A classic style trapeze has stainless steel thimbles on the bar, at either end. The ropes are spliced and whipped directly onto the thimble making for a chunky and rigid elbow that is soft all the way around.

Strong and Flexible

The outer cotton rope used in the product is carefully sourced from a reputable manufacturer located in the European Union, ensuring consistency in the quality of the rope. The cotton component has a Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS) of 24 kN, which makes it strong and durable.

At the top and bottom of the ropes, expert splicing has been done to make the terminations incredibly strong. The core also provides additional strength and durability, with an MBS of 1500kg.

The Prodigy Dyna-Core ropes are also a dream to inspect as the cotton rope can be untwisted along the length, exposing the Dyneema core.

You can also examine the Dyneema core at the top thimble.

performer on  Dyna-Core Trapeze


- Easy to dress (add padding) the elbows.
- Comfortable elbows – even without extra padding.
- Dyneema core ropes have more flexibility than a cable core.
- No bounce in the ropes makes beating more predictable.
- Classic trapeze aesthetics.
- Recommended for experienced Aerialists!


- The ropes and bar cannot be removed/replaced.
- The heavier bar (compared to a shackle style) is not as good for rope moves.
- No bounce in the ropes is not recommended for drops.
- Rigid elbows have less moveability and are less compliant than a shackle style.

UK made, tested and certified

Regularly safety tested at independent & certified testing facilities

  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 200kg
  • Factor Of Safety (FOS) 5:1

Working load limits are based on permanent deflection. Never exceed the manufacturer's WLL.

Single Point Rigging

Also known as a dance trapeze, these are rigged into one single point at the top, creating a triangle shape with the ropes.

It is important to use a rigging plate or delta link in this situation to avoid tri-loading a carabiner. You may also want to use a swivel in this setup.

Double Point Rigging

The most common way to rig a trapeze. This method keeps both rope separate and leaves ample space for moves above the bar.

If you have a freestanding rig, you can attach the supplied carabiners to a strop or loop and choke these around the top bar of the rig.

If you only have one anchor point to rig from, the aerial spreader bar has got you covered! Simply attach your two carabiners to the provides holes either side of the bar.

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1x Prodigy Dyna-Core Classic Trapeze

2x Prodigy Oval Carabiners

1x User guide

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