Sundia Evolution (Evo 5) G3 - 5 Bearing Axle Diabolo with Carbon Fibre Handsticks & Firetoys Bag


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A top of the range bearing-axle diabolo, set of handsticks, and a Firetoys bag.

Suitable for children and beginners, but best suited to expert and numbers diabolists.

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"The biggest step forward in diabolo design since Sundia first introduced the Triple Bearing"

This bearing axle diabolo is an absolute joy! It's quiet and almost unbelievably fast and smooth.

The Stability Ring, a plastic band, running through the cup's middle, gives the Evo a superb weight distribution. The Evolution diabolo weighs just 250g but is as stable as much heavier diabolos!

The Hybrid "Competition" Axle uses a durable central spindle with Teflon-coated aluminium sides, reducing string friction and the weight at the centre of the diabolo.

This allows multiple wraps without the diabolo catching the string and reduces deceleration to give you super long spin times.

The cups are made from plastic that has been "blasted" to give it a matt finish and reduce stick and string friction, making corrections easier.

Thanks to its lightweight and stability the Sundia Evolution diabolos are suitable for children and beginners as well as expert and numbers diabolists.

close up of handsticks

Henry's Short Carbon Fibre Diabolo Handsticks

Henry's Short Carbon Fibre Diabolo Handsticks are one of the best handsticks available on the market.

The carbon fibre construction enables the shaft to be thinner than any other hand stick, making grinds not only easy to control but also long-lasting and smooth.

The 'down the tube' string fixing mechanism has been extended ensuring changing the string is easier than ever before.

The dense foam grips are comfortable and well made.

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  • Stick length: 35cm
  • Stick Weight: 60g
  • Diabolo Size: Large
  • Axle: Bearing
  • Diameter: 125mm
  • Width: 145mm
  • Weight: 262g

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