Henry's Beach Diabolo with Aluminum Handsticks and Bag

Diabolo Colour: Orange

This set includes a top of the range Henry's Beach Diabolo (one way bearing), Juggle Dream aluminum handsticks and a Firetoys bag.

An excellent diabolo to learn on but also a worthy prop for the seasoned, technical single diabolo player.

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a turquoise diabolo

High Speed, Tough Shell

The Beach diabolo from Henry's, unlike the other diabolos in their range, is made from a harder translucent plastic making it the ideal model in their line for the free hub upgrade. The free hub is a top-quality, super smooth one-way bearing axle.

The additional speed and extra long spin time make this not just an excellent diabolo to learn on but also a worthy prop for the seasoned, technical single diabolo player.

The Free Hub is an excellent axle that allows you to reach higher speeds and drastically reduces deceleration compared to fixed axle diabolos; this, combined with its harder plastic cups, makes it the perfect candidate for complicated string tricks.

a red diabolo


The free hub axle is much wider than most other bearing diabolos making finger, stick and all sorts of other grinds a breeze.

The cups feature the concentric inner rings only found on the Henry's Beach diabolo, which significantly adds to the rigidity of the diabolo. This diabolo holds its shape and does not go into a 'death wobble' even at immense speeds.

The cups are translucent, letting a fair amount of light through, particularly when viewed diagonally.

close up of handsticks

Aluminium Handsticks

These sticks are made from anodised aluminium and they are suitable for both children and adults.

The handles on these diabolo handsticks are made from a dense foam that is comfortable and durable.

These metal diabolo sticks come with a length of string attached so you can get playing straight away.

row of diabolos


  • Diabolo Level: All Levels
  • Diabolo Size: Medium-Large
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Axle: Single Bearing (clutch)
  • Cup Diameter: 122mm
  • Length: 140mm
  • Weight: 237g

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