50m Roll of Firetoys Aerial Hoop Tape

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Our very own, high-quality, UK-made, 50m length rolls of aerial hoop tape.

They are perfect for dressing your aerial hoops and trapezes.

Available in 3 widths, the most popular width, which is best for most applications, is 3.8cm.

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assorted 3.8cm wide tape

Smooth and Soft

We've been using and supplying this tape for many years, and for good reason.

Firetoys tape uses a synthetic fibre with a much finer weave than you will find on other tapes; this makes it very gentle on the hands. This delicate weave can also make it a little slippery when brand new, but some rosin or other grip aid soon takes care of that!

While being soft on the hands, it's also highly durable. So your hands will feel better after longer training sessions while your tape needs replacing less frequently.

"I love this tape! Was enough to wrap my Lyra twice with some left over. The colour is so bright, the tape is really soft and doesn't become sticky after many uses. Definitely worth the price."

One roll to wrap them all

One 50m roll is enough to cover any size of aerial hoop, no matter the tube diameter, and will wrap up to 3 hoops with a tube diameter of 25mm. It has no serrated edge and is easy to tear by hand.

The cloth's durability and roll length make this tape perfect for studios.

Wrapping the hoop is easy and the tape unrolls easily.

  • Start at the bottom of your hoop.
  • Wind your tape up, wrapping around the bar in a spiral, overlapping the tape until you reach the top of the hoop.
  • Start again at the bottom, overlapping the tape by about a hand’s width. Start wrapping in the other direction until you reach the top!
person with chalky hands and chalk dust

A note about glue

Firetoys tape uses a tight weave on the fabric and a rubber adhesive and is less likely than some other tapes to be sticky. Often, the tape will be a little sticky on the surface after you have taped the hoop. This is normal, it is excess adhesive coming through gaps in the cloth.

This could happen immediately or after the tape has warmed up when you’re training. We always recommend rubbing new tape with chalk to help absorb excess adhesive. You may need to reapply the chalk, but with use, it will no longer be a problem, and you won't need any more chalk.

If you do not use chalk, the new tape can make your hands and clothes sticky.

This can happen with all tape brands we have tested, and it’s inconsistent; some rolls are good, while others are sticky. Warm weather and other conditions can affect it, too. If you have a problem, please let us know. We will be happy to help you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Me encanta este tape voy a forrar un aparato nuevo se que con este tape no me resbalare. Gracias.


La mejor cinta para forrar tu aro, estoy amando cada segundo entrenando con la cinta.

The best tape I ever tried!!!!

Amazing quality. No sticky at all with a great amount of grip. My hands are very sensitive and usual tape hurts too much, so I can't work out. After long research I found that people recommend this tape and decided to give it a try. It was right decision!!! After few months of using it I can not imagine my life without it.
1 piece will be enough for several hoops for sure. I taped 1 hoop and I'm not sure if I even used half of the tape.

Can't wait when all colors will be available again, so I can buy more in different colors.

Very Grippy

Extremely sticky & grippy.

Recommend for anyone who's still building up their finger strength.

Not worth the money

I started to dislike Mtape and while browsing firetoys.com I came across this tape and was excited when I read the good reviews.

I was quickly disappointed with the quality of the tape. It was MUCH stickier than Mtape and impossible to put on properly. (I have taped many hoops in the past 13 years so incorrect taping strategy does not come into play.)

Overall the quality was equal if not lower than the mtape and was not worth the $24 I spent when I could have just purchased the mtape online or in store.

I love fire toys and they will always be my go to. But I wouldn't recommend purchasing this tape.