Rope and Aerial Silk Methodology Book


A great resource for aerial silks and rope practice. Clear illustrations guide you through basic and advanced moves. The book is comprised of 221 fully illustrated pages with black and white pictures.
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Methodology rope and silk stacked with a white background

Step by Step

This book provides a valuable guide for those interested in learning free rope and tissus (aerial fabric) techniques and methods. Though written in French, the majority of the book consists of clear step-by-step pictures that break down each move into its component parts.

Unlike Yvette's other books, this one does not include a difficulty rating system, so it is important to exercise caution as some moves may be more challenging or dangerous than they appear. For your safety, it is recommended that you seek professional supervision and only attempt moves under the guidance of an experienced aerialist in a secure environment.

While this book is a useful resource for aerial acrobatics, it should not replace professional coaching. 


About the Author

Yvette Challande is the founder of Theatre Cirqule along with her late husband Gerard. The school was founded in 1989 in a small town in Switzerland.

The school and theatre, now over 30 years strong now sees more than 500 participants per year and runs regualr shows and year round courses.

Methodology rope and silk double page


  • 221 pages
  • Fully illustrated
  • Basic to advanced moves

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it !

The book is so practical, and beautiful figure in there.

Perfect addition for aerialists

This book is a handy addition with loads of moves and drops, with easy to understand pictures. Would definitely recommend this book.

Very goog book

The pictures are very clear and well describe. The hardcover help the book to stay open and it easy to read during practice. The shipment was quick and the deadlines respected. Thanks

Fun and informative!

Though some of the transitions are not obvious, most of the book is clear and easy to understand. The standard manoeuvres are laid out, and there are many variations and other moves to try. I had hoped to see a little for sling, but I guess this field is still being explored. Still, a good resource for moves to adapt.