Anastasia IV, who goes by Joanna Sawicka when not amazing audiences with the Circus of Horrors, recently set a new Guiness World Record for lifting the most amount of weight with her hair.

Anastasia suspended a woman (in an aerial silk/rope splits position) who weights 53.4kg (117 lbs 11 oz) with her hair. Anastasia was hung upside down in order to achieve the feat which was performed in Milan, Italy.

On 7th January this year she could also be seen pulling a 4 tonne car along Eastbourne seafront.

It takes a lot of dedication to keep your hair in the condition it needs to be to achieve these spectacles. Using almost two bottles of conditioner a day, Anastasia's life revolves around her hair-care routine. "There's not much of the day when my hair does not have something on it," she told the BBC.

Despite the meticulous preparation that not only includes a strict conditioning regime but 30 minute of brushing and a very particular type of braiding, Anastasia's stunts are still dangerous. The wrong positioning of the braid or too many split ends and the forces Anastasia applies to her hair could cause a scalp-ripping accident.

If you'd like to see Anastasia IV in action check out the Circus of Horrors' website.