Spiral Poi

What Poi to Choose



The huge amount of choice when looking to buy poi (aka bolas, pois or kiwido) can be confusing. If you are a beginner poi spinner then a good choice to start with is the Spiral Poi (which come in kids’ lengths) or Ribbon Poi. These are well-made but basic practice poi with soft heads so when you inevitably hit yourself it won’t hurt too much!


While these look very pretty the tails can make it harder to learn poi tricks as they can get tangled. Sock poi don’t have tails and are usually weighted with juggling balls so are still nice and soft. Socks also allow you to perform more advanced wrap-style moves that aren’t possible, or as easy, with tail poi. They are also probably the most popular style.


Contact poi - Firetoys Pro model

The other type of practice poi are called contact poi. These are equipped with large round heads that can be used for contact juggling style tricks and a weighted handle to help with throws. These moves are quite advanced and though the heads aren’t hard, they hurt more than the softer sock or tail poi heads. We wouldn’t recommend contact poi for children or beginners unless the contact and throw style of poi spinning was of particular interest to you.


Glow poi are a good transition between practice and fire poi. You can get some very affordable LED poi but you can also find programmable, professional and very bright glow poi as well.


We’ve designed a range of fire poi to get you started when you’ve had lots of practice and feel you’re ready move on. Firstly, make sure you read our fire safety guide. If you’re nervous about fire, then have a look at our Mini Whizzers. These have small wicks to keep the flames small so they’re not quite as daunting to spin as some others. Our Classic Chain Fire Poi are great all-rounders and suitable for beginner fire spinners and pros.

Fire snake poi - Firetoys Plaited Snakes

Once you become comfortable with fire and gain a good amount of experience we also have a range of fire poi to really astound your audience. Our Cathedral, aka concertina, and Fire Papaya poi are designed to give you big flames and a long burn time. The fire snakes create huge blades of fire and look spectacular. However, all these fire poi are for advanced and experienced spinners only!


If you’re stuck for inspiration and want to learn how to spin poi or some new poi tricks and moves then we have a range of books and DVDs that contain poi lessons and tutorials for beginner, intermediate and advanced spinners.


Of course, if you’re still unsure what poi are right for you then drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help.


Happy spinning!!