Sunshine hula hoop. Copyright Brad Roy PhotographyChoosing which hula hoop to buy can be a confusing experience, especially if you're new to the world of hooping so here's our guide to which hoop is right for you. This guide will help to answer questions like "what size hoop should I buy?", "what weight hoop is right for me?", "what is the best hoop for children?" and "why are polypro hoops so good?"

There are many different styles of hooping and people have quite different personal preferences which is why we have a range of hoops.

I'll start with our most popular hoop model...

Standard Hula Hoops

Dance hula hoopStandard hula hoops are made from 20mm tubing which makes them lighter than the weighted exercise / fitness hula hoops. They are still easy to use which is why we recommend these hoops to the majority of beginners.

The lighter weight means the standard hula hoops are less likely to cause bruises than the fitness hoops and they allow for faster tricks and more fluid hoop dance. The standard hula hoops are aimed at people who want to learn lots of tricks and dance with their hoop, with any fitness benefits just a welcome by-product.

Standard hoops come in a 90cm diameter which is suitable for all levels and ages.

Exercise Hula Hoops

Weighted fitness hula hoopWeighted fitness hula hoops and also known as exercise hoops. Part of the popularity of these hoops comes from the calorie burning qualities of hooping. Hooping has become a fun fitness activity because it is a far more interesting and entertaining way to work out than the gym. Not only does it burn calories but you tone stomach and bum muscles as well.

The other reason weighted hula hoops are popular is that they are the easiest to use. The extra weight provides momentum that helps to keep the hoop up round your waist. 

We recommend the fitness hula hoops for those primarily looking for the fitness benefits of hooping. You can still learn plenty of tricks with the fitness hoops but fast and technical tricks may cause bruises because of the hoop's weight.

Weighted hoops also come in a 90cm diameter. 

PolyPro Hula Hoops

Poly pro hula hoops are in high demand from expert hoopers. They are light weight and rigid, making them difficult for beginners but awesome for fast hooping, off the body hooping and multi-hooping because of their responsiveness and the fact they don't bruise you as easily as heavier hoops.

Our Polypro hula hoops come with a minimal grip tape finish.

Fire Hula Hoops

Lilly Raptor. Copyright Chivaree CircusFire hoops are strictly for the experienced hooper and for those over 18 years old! They come in a variety of sizes, weights, number of spines, and materials (including polypro).

So there you have it, a guide to buying a hula hoop! Due to the size of hula hoops returns can be expensive (of course, we'll pay for the return in the unlikely event the hoop is faulty or we send you the wrong one) so it's important to choose carefully. If you want further advice you can contact us but we'd also recommend trying out other people's hoops before you buy to see what feels right for you. 

Now all you have to do is choose a colour!