The 65th Annual IJA Juggling Festival

The 65th IJA Annual Juggling Festival will be held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA from the 16th-22nd July.


A week full of juggling, workshops, competitions, world-class performances, games, late-night shows, joggling, and much more!


Special Guests - Pavel Evsukevich - Ryan Mellors - Fer Sumano - Freddy Kenton - Cie Ea Eo (Eric Longequel, Jordaan De Cuyper, Sander De Cuyper, and Bram Dobbelaere)


Pavel Evsukevich will teach a special 6-hour, 3-day workshop at the IJA festival.


Also including...


- Three big nights of juggling Shows and Championships - XJuggling Competition - Numbers Championships - Free Day of Juggling on Monday - Planting the Juggling Seed - Jugglers' Lounge - Immense, spotless juggling space - Youth Showcase - Free Wi-Fi in the gym and IJA hotels - Games of the IJA • Scores of free workshops for festival attendees - IJA History Lounge - Three Nights of Club Renegade - Cascade of Stars Show


Check out the festival website for more details.


And have a look at this promo video to get you in the mood...