The 65th Annual IJA Juggling Festival

Program: Masterclass workshops (access only for participants), Evening Performances and Afterparties (public access), the whole outdoor area where the stalls will be located is freely accessible for the Viennese public.


Line up for jugglers: Guillaume Martinet (Cie Defracto), Eric Longequel (EaEo), Carlos Munoz (La Sombra), graduating class of Le Lido (Toulouse´s Circus school), Jeanine Ebnöther Trott (J9/ Aromatic Company) Line up for fire performers: Antti Suniala/Allstaffs (Staff), Sebastian Berger/Fenfire (Staff/ Dragonstaff), Cyrille Humen (Poi), Romain Marguaritte/MEAST (Staff/ Torches), Linda Farkas/Magma Firetheater (Staff/Hoop/Dragonstaff),Markus Liszt/ Fenfire (Meteor/ Dragonstaff)


Other Workshops: Tricking, Capoeira, Hand to Hand acrobatics, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Swing dance, Personal research, Hoop, aerials, street performing, etc..