Ozzy, the collie-cross from Norwich, has recently been accepted into the Guinness book or records for the longest tightrope walk by a dog.

Ozzy shot to fame after his owner, Nick, recorded a video of Ozzy performing one of his many tricks (handstands, balancing, free running) and uploaded it to YouTube. Some of these videos went viral and attracted the attention of TV shows, further increasing Ozzy's fame.

Ozzy set his world record by traversing a 3.5m rope in just over 18 seconds.  As you can see from the video below, Ozzy uses all four paws to walk the tight rope but he can also balance on the rope with just his hind legs.

Before any of you start to worry, Ozzy loves training and performing his tricks. "Ozzy’s parents are working sheepdogs on a farm, so it’s in his blood to want to work closely with me," said Nick. "He’s most happy when he’s working on the tricks that we do - he regards it as a game."