PWB is now recruiting for India 2013!!



Performers without borders

This is Performers Without Borders' 5th trip to India and they cannot wait to get a new team together and to continue building on the relationships they have established out there.


A PWB trip involves 2 to 3 weeks of training in country, where you and the team will put together a show that you will then tour around PWB's various partners. You will then spend a more extended period at various centres, teaching the young people there performance and circus skills.


The project will run from January to early May. You will be asked to make a contribution for your living costs whilst in the country, and pay for your own travel to India. This costs roughly:


£800 – Estimate travel costs


£600 – Contribution towards living costs of food, transport and accommodation in India


How you cover these costs is up to you, but it's hoped that you will fund most of this through fundraising events, which also help to boost the awareness of who PWB are, and what they do.


What does PWB look for in a volunteer? Whilst in India you are expected to teach circus and performing arts in every level, from entry level up to a high standard of performance and technical skill. You will be working in a fast paced environment, often working with many different groups in one week.


This project will be your project! Whilst in the country, your team will be responsible for organising the day-to-day running of the show, as well as helping with promotion, both in India and the UK. You will get a chance to use any writing, filming, editing and photography skills that you have.


PWB are looking for dedicated, inspiring and excited circus, clown, theatre and performance practitioners to join them on a 4 month tour of India.


You can find more information on the website:


The deadline for applications is Friday 10th August


Successful candidates at this stage will be invited to an audition on Sunday 2nd September