Performers without borders

We've had a busy month working all over the Kolkata with all sorts of different groups of girls and boys of all ages and even some old women!


We did many performances, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed, whether watched by hundreds or simply by 20. The last few shows, even without India's most famous magician, Mystic D, still managed to keep the magic.


It's been incredible to work with these children and adults from so many different backgrounds. The wonderful Tom has put together an exciting video that captures our month in Kolkata. Unfortunately, due to the various complications of their backgrounds, in many places we weren't allowed to take photos or footage. However we've got plenty of exciting blogs to fill in any missing details. This month's blogs also include how to play Ninja and Mystic D's farewell.


You can also view photos from our adventures in Kolkata; complete with many grinning faces, performing spectacles and Holi- the festival of colour. So, as we head off to the cool peaceful mountains of Darjeeling, we leave the children we've visited, whether those seen for 2 weeks or only 2 hours, with something to remember us by. Whether it's new skills, props, games or just the happiness and excitement gained from seeing us and the show.


Goodbye Kolkata, see you again! Best wishes, The PWB 2012 Team


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You can see videos of PWB’s 2011 tour here



Performers without borders


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