Play festival is still several weeks away but all the early bird tickets have gone! Don’t panic though, there are still normal price tickets left but they are selling fast so don’t put it off for too long.


If you don’t know about Play it’s one of the UK’s foremost spinning and manipulation events and with no Southern Lights this year it’s bound to be more jam-packed than usual. Play attracts artists and enthusiasts from across the world to come and learn, teach, perform and party in the Welsh countryside.


Running over five days you can expect an immense workshop timetable with skills ranging from contact staff, poi, juggling, hula hoop, aerial, contact juggling and Pimms drinking to name just a few. The evenings will feature shows with some of the world’s premier performers. Last year featured people like Cyrille Humen, Solstix, MCP, Kyle Johnson, AnimatED, Ring and Tings, Asaf Poi Boy, Chazz Parham, Fire Poise and many more.


This year’s special guest are still partially under wraps but recent revelations include Kevin Arleri of the No Sweat crew, Darragh McLoughlin, and Saturday night’s fire show will be presented by Entourage. Things are hotting up nicely!


So what are you waiting for?! Get over to the Play website and get you ticket now!