Performers Without Borders Touring Again!



Performers without borders


We love Performers Without Borders (PWB) and the great work they do for disadvantaged children around the world. Guess what? They’re off again with simultaneous tours in India and Nicaragua.


In case you don’t know what PWB do, they travel to areas of the world affected by disaster, war or poverty and provide children with some rest bite from hardship by teaching circus skills workshops, putting on shows and helping the children to perform their own shows with the new skills they’ve learned.


Last year saw PWB return to India for the fourth time visiting Varanasi, Kolkata and Darjeeling. They also went on a mini-tour to eastern Turkey where they provided relief to camps of people made homeless by the recent earthquake.


The New Year sees PWB return to India but also run a tour in Nicaragua at the same time. It’s great to see the charity grow, allowing them to spread a little happiness a little further. The Nicaragua team includes some people who might be familiar to Firetoys fans: Jake the Juggler who featured in our previous news story, Steve Bags – one of our favourite hoopers, whose videos have been on our Facebook page more than once and Rob “Bluecat” Thorburn who co-organises Play Festival.


Of course, there are many other talented and generous participants in this year’s PWB tours and we wish them all the best in their sterling work.


As a charity PWB is dependent on donations from the public and 2012 saw some great events and challenges to help raise money for the 2013 tours. Jake the Juggler walked several kilometres of slackline, Emily hula hooped for a whole day, Brighton saw an amazing circus show from PWB alumni and special guests and the London Jugglers donated the proceeds from their Christmas party all to help PWB fund their work.


“How can I help this brilliant cause?” I hear you cry. Well, you can sign up to be one of PWB’s FAB 500 and donate £2 helping them to raise £1000 a month to make sure they can continue to bring some joy to disadvantaged kids. Click here for more details.


Firetoys wishes all involved in PWB’s 2013 tours the best of luck. Watch this space or check out PWB’s website or Facebook page for news of their adventures over the next few months.


The picture below was not made by us but illustrates the power and worth of what PWB and other similar organisations do.