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It is with both sadness and gladness that I write. With sadness we have said goodbye to a terrific group of children that we have come to love and with whom we have shared so much, and a wonder-filled city that has become our home. With gladness however we reflect on the achievements of the months work, more than we could have dreamed possible.


Since arriving in Varanasi one month ago we have performed to 7 different audiences (with many members returning for 2nd, 3rd and 4th viewings!).


From the banks of the Ganges to a crowded roof top and a sun-drenched, wild-child filled courtyard amidst the red light district; thousands have seen our tricks and titillations. You can read a little more about our outreach work on the new blog entry.


The ongoing work with Asha Deep Vidyashram experienced new levels of success with a mighty (3hour!) performing arts show in front of hundreds at Assi Ghat that showcased some of the children's circus skills along side dance and theatre.


Most excitingly a group of the older boys (who have worked with PWB 5 years running and are very accomplished in poi, staff , club juggling and devil sticks) have decided to set up their own circus troupe: ADV Circus. They are planning to perform and also to pass on their skills through teaching at both Asha Deep and Duniya schools. Emily has given them advice on running their own project and PWB will continue to mentor and support them via the internet until next years return.


This is an amazing result and leaves us happy and proud to leave Varanasi in the knowledge that our work is continuing in a new form after we have left.


If you would like to support Asha Deep Vidyashram please visit As a small charity like PWB they rely on private sponsors and donations to keep up their work. All donations go straight to help the children- stationary, school lunches, rent for the school and wages for the low paid, high worked staff.


To read the blogs from the PWB 2012 tour visit


A film of the Varanasi project edited by Gemma is also ready to watch.


There are also some wonderful photos of the project so far on flickr.


If you would like to make a donation to PWB please do so on our just giving site any contribution is gratefully received and goes far to help our work continue. Thank you all for your support and interest in the project. Best wishes form the PWB 2012 team. xx


You can see videos of PWB’s 2011 tour here


Performers without borders


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