International Jugglers' AssociationNoel Yee and Kyle Johnson, both well-known and proficient jugglers and spinners, have been nominated for the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) board of directors. Kyle has been contributing to the IJA’s online tutorials for some time now and Noel is a high-profile member of the US and international spinning communities.

The nominations came about, in part, through the online chat show, Loft Show, Noel co-hosts with Maiki Nope. The subject of the separation between the spinning and juggling communities in the US came up in one of the shows and it just so happened that two members of the IJA board were watching.

Both Kyle and Noel are very tech-savvy so one of their priorities for the IJA is to improve the website and the IJA’s online presence. Of course, they also want to help facilitate more of an overlap between jugglers and spinners across the USA.

In order to vote for the board of directors you must be a member of the IJA. For more information on how to join, check out the IJA’s website.

For more information on what Noel and Kyle do have a look at the description of the video embedded below (you’ll need to watch on YouTube to see it) or check out their YouTube channels: Noel Yee and Jugglelulz.