Niagara Tightwire Feat




Nik Wallenda has recently completed a tightrwire walk across the width of Niagara Falls, a feat not performed for over 100 years and never so close to the falls. Nik traversed the distance of 550m (1,800ft), starting from Goat Island, USA, at a height of 46 metres (150ft) in less than ideal conditions. He had to battle wind and spray from the falls and Canadian immigration insisted he show his passport as he completed the challenge and set foot on Canadian soil. Thankfully, Nik had remembered to pack it.



Nik is from quite a lineage of daring performers as he is part of the seventh generation of the Flying Wallendas who have been in the game for over two centuries.


Nik complete the walk across the 51mm thick wire in a time of 30 minutes and said, “I am so blessed… to have the life that that I have”.