Mr Babache Evolution 2 Diabolo Bearing AxleFinally the Evolution 2 diabolo bearing axle kit from Mr Babache is here! We've all been waiting years for this, possibly even a decade, we can't remember now!

You know what? It was well worth the wait. This bearing axle is the bee's knees; possibly the best we've seen on any diabolo. Babache's Evolution 2 has the same dimensions as the Evolution 1 finger axle giving you a nice wide gap to play with. The bearings in the axle are amazingly smooth and the v-shape is designed to reduce friction where the axle meets the hubs.

The bearings in the Evo 2 are also super quiet, even after hours of play.

LaNgErZ has got his mits on a Finesse fitted with the Evolution 2 and has tested it out for us. You can read his in depth review here. In case you needed assurance that LaNgErZ knows what he's talking about then this video should suffice: